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Recognized nationally and internationally for its innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to visual arts education, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) is home to more than 800 students and offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and continuing education classes for all ages.

Founded in 1886, MCAD was one of the first colleges to offer the BFA degree. The college has earned the highest accreditation possible and its four-year graduation rate is among the highest of all Midwestern visual arts colleges. College facilities contain the latest in technology with multiple studios and labs open 24/7.

Minneapolis College of Art & Design
2501 Stevens Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Sanjit Sethi Minneapolis College of Art & Design President

Authority Issued Debt

$63,425,000 issued over the following 12 investments.

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Year Series Original Par Value
2018 MCAD 2018 3,643,000
2015 Eight-D 7,845,000
2012 Seven-N 3,215,000
2009 Six-Z 2,660,000
2006 Six-K 7,670,000
2001 Five-K 4,355,000
2000 Five-D 7,920,000
1994 Three-Y 1,612,000
1993 Three-S 225,000
1985 Two-K 830,000
1973 G 8,450,000
2022 MCAD 2022 15,000,000

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