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Our History

The Authority was created in 1971 and consists of eight members appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. A representative of the Minnesota Office of Higher Education and the President of the Minnesota Private College Council, who is a non-voting member, are also members of the Authority.

The Authority has never received state appropriations or tax revenue for its operations. It has no taxing power. Its operating expenses are funded by annual fees paid by each borrower. The fee charged to each borrower is based upon the borrower’s outstanding Authority-issued debt. It does not make grants and will not provide a guaranty, reserve or other security for its bonds.

A two-person staff, led by the Executive Director and assisted by its Operations Manager, provides borrowers with specific advice on tax-exempt financing. Borrowers receive periodic summaries of Authority debt issues. In addition, the Authority hosts an annual educational conference to highlight trends and issues in the municipal market and ongoing assistance with tax and securities law compliance.

The borrowers are private nonprofit educational institutions authorized to provide education beyond high school. Eligible projects include facilities for housing, academic and administrative purposes, parking, student centers and other buildings and equipment to be used for instruction, research, or operations.

Public colleges in the State are also eligible but are limited to child-care and parking facilities or special projects authorized by special legislation.

  • 1971

    Executive Director:

    Joseph LaBelle, PhD (1971 – 1995)

    joseph labelle
  • 1971

    Initial naming designed to focus investor on MHEFA

    Commenced operations after legislative approval

    MHEFA offices at Metro Square in downtown St. Paul

    original MHEFA logo
  • 1972

    Initial bond issue 1-A for Augsburg

  • 1974

    Consideration of expanding issuance authority to include healthcare

  • 1975

    Legal Action to establish validity of Authority mission (Minnesota Higher Education Facilities Authority v. Hawk, 305 Minn. 97, 232 N.W. 2d 106).

  • 1987

    MHEFA moves to Galtier Plaza in Downtown Saint Paul, MN

    current MHEFA location
  • 1992

    Renewed consideration of expanding issuance authority to include healthcare

  • 1995

    Executive Director:

    J. Luther Anderson (1995-2000)

  • 2000

    Executive Director:

    Marianne Remedios, Esq (2000-2016)

  • 2016

    Executive Director:

    Barry Fick (2016-Present)

  • 2016

    New bond naming convention introduced with Augsburg 2016A and 2016B.

    MHEFA revises bond naming convention to focus on date of issuance (conforming to industry norm).

  • 2019

    New state branded MHEFA logo introduced

  • 2022

    MHEFA moves to Grand Oak Business Park in Eagan, MN

    A photo of the front of the Grand Oak Business Park building, Eagan, MN