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Rating Agency Liaison

Credit rating agencies will review and assign a credit rating to each bond issue of the Authority. So long as the rated bonds are outstanding, credit rating agencies will periodically review the rating assigned to the bond issue. This periodic review results in the rating agency publishing an update to the bond issue credit rating.

The credit rating update process is very similar to obtaining an initial credit rating on the bonds. The Authority is here to provide assistance before, during and after credit rating reviews. Our ongoing professional relationship with all three major rating agencies allows us to keep up with current developments in rating agency processes, procedures and methodology.

Working with the Authority during credit rating reviews allows us to assist you with:

  • Preparing Documentation
  • Communicating with the Rating Agency
  • Coordinating Site Visits/Calls/Visits to Rating Agencies

Moody’s | S&P | Fitch

Ratings Outlook Classification
Moody’s Standard and Poor’s; Fitch
Aaa AAA None
Aa1 AA+
Aa2 AA
Aa3 AA-
A1 A+
A2 A Positive, Stable, Negative Investment Grade
A3 A-
Baa1 BBB+
Baa2 BBB
Baa3 BBB-
Ba1, Ba2, Ba3 BB+, BB, BB- None Non-Investment Grade
Positive = Likely to be upgraded within 2 years
Stable = Not likely to be upgraded or downgraded
Negative = May be upgraded or downgraded within 2 years