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At Carleton College, we believe wholeheartedly in the power of a liberal arts education to transform the lives of students and prepare them for a rapidly changing world. Instead of training students for one narrow career path that may become obsolete, our curriculum teaches skills that last a lifetime: critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, effective communication, and the flexibility to adapt to dynamic situations.

Carleton professors rise to the top because they focus first on teaching students. As respected scholars, scientists, artists, and researchers they’re at the forefront of their fields, but it is in the classroom that they truly shine. They value questioning and curiosity, collaboration and teamwork, experimentation and reflection—creating a vital, distinctive learning community for students and teachers alike.

Carleton College
One North College Street
Northfield, MN 55057

Alison R. Byerly Carleton College President

Authority Issued Debt

$364,500,000 issued over the following 14 investments.

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Year Series Original Par Value
2017 Carleton 2017 124,900,000
2010 Seven-D 30,455,000
2009 Six-Y 10,000,000
2008 Six-T 19,665,000
2005 Six-D 31,460,000
2000 Five-G 23,000,000
1997 Four-N 24,440,000
1992 Three-L3 4,000,000
1992 Three-L2 10,300,000
1992 Three-L1 10,000,000
1982 Two-E 9,400,000
1977 T 2,385,000
1975 O 4,000,000
2023 Carleton 2023 60,495,000

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