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  • April 28, 2020

    Northwestern Health Sciences University: WCA Foundation Awards Northwestern Health Sciences University $18,000 Grant to Provide Scholarships for Low Income and Minority Students

    Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU), the premier evidence-based integrative health learning center, announces that it is the recipient of an $18,000 grant awarded from the WCA Foundation. The money from this grant will provide scholarships for low-income and minority students, with a special preference for female students. NWHSU’s goal is to provide opportunities for all female students, regardless of income or ethnicity, to achieve or gain self-sufficiency and access to education through several new scholarships.

    In light of recent events, the funds are also able to support NWHSU’s faculty and student needs resulting from COVID-19 and the related public health response.

  • April 28, 2020

    University of St. Thomas: Support Through Challenges: Undergraduate Students Share Experiences of Shifts Amidst COVID-19

    For more than 10,000 St. Thomas students, the past few weeks have looked drastically different than any of their previous times as Tommies.

    Dozens of undergraduate students responded to a request to provide some insight into how the adjustments to a new normal of all online classes and social distancing has gone, answering questions about how they’ve made those adjustments, what some of the biggest challenges they’ve faced are, and what has been most helpful for them throughout this process. Below are some of their many responses.

  • April 28, 2020

    Carleton College: Message from President Poskanzer on the Latest Decisions Concerning Carleton’s Response to COVID-19

    The last few weeks have been an unprecedented and anxious time. We’re navigating our way through much that is unknown, but no one can doubt the necessity of prioritizing the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and neighbors. We’ve had to change our ordinary and preferred ways of teaching, learning, and working to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

  • April 28, 2020

    Mitchell Hamline alumni offering discounted services during COVID-19

    During the current public health emergency, Mitchell Hamline reached out to alumni to see if any are offering discounts or pro bono legal work for people affected in some way by the pandemic.

    This is a working list. Check back for updates.

  • April 28, 2020

    MHEFA Press Release January 2, 2020

    January 2, 2020
    The Minnesota Higher Education Facilities Authority (the “Authority”) is pleased to announce that Barry W. Fick, its Executive Director, has been appointed to two national public finance organization committees.